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Mechanical well cleaning
(Clean Well)

Oilfield Services
SERTECPET®'s Clean Well cleaning line provides the service of well cleaning assemblies with various configurations and optimal dimensions in static and rotary versions:
  • Brushes
  • Scraper or scrapers
  • Basket
  • Magnets
Available sizes 9 5/8", 7", 5 ½" and 5".
This equipment is optimal for deep cleaning without damaging the casing, thus optimizing the travel time of each string.

Software for torque and drag simulation

TADPRO is a complete torque, drag and hydraulics software. Torque and drag provide solutions to common problems associated with drilling, tripping, cementing, completion and workover operations. Excessive torque and drag in the wellbore will cause buckling, tubing failure or operations. Computational results are displayed graphically for quick and easy analysis.
  • Up to 10 well bore intervals and 300 pipe sections.
  • Extensive database of tubulars and centralizers.
  • Calculations for torque and axial force (hook load, surface torque).
  • Buckling criteria.
  • Rigid string models.
  • Pipe stretching, twisting and neutralizing points for various operations.
  • 2D animation with force/torque profiles.
  • 2D illustration of lateral force with color directions and scales
  • 3D animation of buckling, axial force, torque and lateral force.
  • 3D visualization of the well path

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