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Completion tools

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Hydraulic packer model "STP 7H".

SERTECPET® has a wide stock of hydraulic retrievable packers, this type of tools are used in operations for producing or injector wells; it has three sealing elements and two anchoring systems. The wedges that are initially in retracted position expand radially and are anchored in the internal wall of the casing.

Standing valves

It is a check valve that consists of a ball, a seat and a "by pass" that opens when it is recovered from the bottom of the well.
NO-GO and cavity standing valves are available.
  • It is housed in the no-go nipple type F and R, as well as in shirts.
  • It is used as a check valve to allow flow in one direction only.
  • They keep the fluid in the production tubing to prevent it from contaminating the producing formation.
  • They are used to perform tubing and annular space pressure tests.
  • This valve can be run and recovered with a slick line or coiled tubing unit.
  • The cavity standing valve is used to seat the jet pump and to prevent loss of fluid level.

Sliding Sleeves (Sliding Sleeves)

It is a nipple with orifices arranged in its middle part in a special way to allow communication between the production tubing and the annualar space. Inside the casing there is a sliding element called Closing Sleeve that has the sealing elements, by means of its operation the holes of the casing are opened or closed, to allow or prevent the passage of fluid from the tubing to the casing or vice versa.
  • It is used to circulate fluid between production tubing and casing in well control operations.
  • This tool houses the jet pump for production testing or final completion.
  • They are generally placed near the interval of the producing zone or sand, allowing only the production of fluids from this zone.

No-go nipple

These tools are used when a means of seating downhole flow control equipment, pressure recording elements, plugs, among others, is required. They are generally placed at the deepest point of the production tubing.
It is made of 4340 and 4140 steel. To increase tool life, the tool is heat treated to achieve greater resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • To install plugs to shut off or isolate flow through tubing, shut in downhole, test production tubing in workover operations.
  • Installing check valves (standing valves)
  • Install shocks to reduce surface or downhole flowing pressures to prevent freezing when gas wells are in place.
  • Set up pressure and temperature sensors.
  • Prevent loss of tools inside the wellbore.

Cross over

They are nipples that allow making connections between pipes and bottom tools with different threads and diameters.
SERTECPET has a large stock of Cross-Overs with different diameters and types of connections available for immediate delivery.
Our machining plant strategically located in the city of Coca Ecuador allows us to manufacture these products in less than 48 hours.
  • These are small nipples that allow connections to be made between pipes with different threads or different diameters.

Other applications

  • Bledeer Valve
  • Pup Joints
  • Separation Tools
  • Probes
  • Running Tools
  • Couplings
  • Downhole plug
  • Blanking plug bypass

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