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Memorized downhole pressure and temperature sensors

Oilfield Services
SERTECPET® has the latest technology in electronic sensors of high capacity and durability. The reliability of the equipment together with a department of trained specialists has been the guarantee to perform successful pressure tests in oil wells. One of the advantages is
The versatility and easy adaptability to work with the Jet Claw® pump allows it to be lowered in oil wells in severe flow conditions.
Main pressure tests:
SERTECPET® has qualified and experienced professionals to perform pressure analysis with licensed software to determine the productivity index, permeability, boundaries, interwell interferences and reservoir damage (formation, partial penetration, total damage).
  • Pressure Restoration Testing (Build UP).
  • Static Tests.
  • Flowing Pressures.
  • Fall-of tests.
  • Well interference.

Pressure Test Interpretation Software - SAPHIR

Well tests are analyses that are performed after completion and throughout the productive life of an oil well.
During the tests, downhole sensors are installed to measure pressure and temperature values while the well is producing (Drawdown) or while the well is shut-in (Build-Up). These values are interpreted in Saphir software to perform simulations and respective modeling based on numerical and/or analytical solutions.
These tests are carried out with the measurement of pressures and flow rates, in order to be able to issue criteria on the current situation of the formation and its parameters of interest such as: permeability in the vicinity of the well and the possible damage present in the formation, limits and reservoir pressure.
SERTECPET has a SAPHIR software license for the Ecrin Platform (Kappa Eng).

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