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SERTECPET S.A. is a strategic organization and a reference model of development and dynamism in the hydrocarbon and energy industry, since, in the face of the very challenging scenarios it has gone through since its incorporation in 1990, it has maintained its purpose of generating an Ecuadorian industry of excellence towards the world by making permanent investments, maintaining an environmental commitment, and always aligning itself with excellence, respect and integrity.

Being part of the model means constant evolution, innovation and value, consolidating differentiating elements that allow it to be recognized as an organization of integrity and, from there, to receive international certifications, recognitions, awards, patents, state-of-the-art technology or socio-environmental programs. On the other hand, solid procedures must be assumed to ensure the competence of the personnel, to be able to evaluate risks, to have contingency plans, change management, accountability, among others, reflecting the need to manage strategies or roadmaps that help to achieve sustainable and sustainable development.

Thus, from the Business Management processes, we seek to be creative and innovative, responding to operational dynamism through alignment, focus, breakdown and custody of policy compliance, agile processes to develop the capacity of the organization, operations, international standards and performance indicators with a focus on continuous improvement and moving towards excellence.

Thanks to all this, today we have a solid Integrated Excellence Management System (SIGE) that generates value, reputation and reliability in the environment. The SIGE was born aligned to the business focus and purpose, with a culture and leadership in the company, since, in itself, it is a transversal part of the organization and is reflected in the behavior, compliance and performance of the same. Last month we achieved the goal of API (American Petroleum Institute) recertification, adding it to our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 37001, ISO 45001, API 5CT-0672, API 5L-0495, API 7-1-0500, API 14L-0057, API 19AC0009, API 11D1-0180, API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, API Std 18LCM-0001, ASME U, ASME R, ASME U2, Punto Verte and adhesion to Ecuador Carbon Neutral.

All this is a reflection of the great effort made to turn our products and services into leaders in the Oil & Gas industry, which drives us to continue advancing with motivation and enthusiasm.

Evelyn Lucero

Business Management and Security Manager