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We transform your ideas into sustainable and sustainable projects.


We manage in an efficient, visible and reliable manner, the achievement of Integral EPC/EPCM projects as well as the development of technology for surface fluid treatment for the oil, energy, mining and industrial sectors, as well as for the design and construction of metal-mechanical infrastructure.

Oswaldo Cortéz

Whoever takes over the management and implementation of a large infrastructure project, knows and understands that the important thing is to get to the detail, on time, within budget, with quality work, respecting the environment and safeguarding the integrity of employees and the client's assets with strict protocols of Safety, Health and Environment and incorporating communities as key players. Therefore, at SERTECPET we focus on excellence, on developing projects in an orderly and methodical way, with total visibility on structured project plans, specifically taking care of the integral fulfillment of scopes, schedules, constructive and productivity indicators, economic and professional resources.

We consider, within our business philosophy, that all aspects of life can be managed as a project. That is to say, that the purchase of a good, the consolidation of a vacation plan, even the fact of preparing a delicious dish for the family, has a connotation of project and can be treated as such. That is why, in SERTECPET, the realization of a project is something familiar and distrustful, and that is precisely the message we want to convey to all our clients and all their projects, regardless of their size. For SERTECPET, the sense of urgency, commitment and value of a project, represents as much or more than for its owners, it is essential for us to create strong bonds and positive and lasting impacts.

Our team of high-level professionals implements project management systems from all areas (technical, administrative and management), which allows us to effectively manage all phases, adequately manage risks, reduce errors and most importantly achieve project objectives.

We are committed to developing customized and competitive solutions for highly complex projects. Additionally, we understand that the current circumstances have not been the best, but for us it is important to get involved as an important actor and promote the economic development of the country, especially of all the communities in which we are immersed in our projects, through the generation of local labor and contracting of local services, respecting the environment and promoting a culture of safety at all levels within the organization.

At SERTECPET we start a project by involving all the support areas of the organization, who act as active members of the project teams, since we all work towards one goal: the client's objectives. Additionally, we select the professionals responsible for the project team and, once the initiation phase is over, we start the planning phase, from all areas of project management, in order to develop an Integral Project Plan, which is socialized with the client. Subsequently, we take the first steps in the execution, ensuring that all components, machinery, equipment and temporary facilities, have all the certificates of integrity and mechanical maintenance, so that SERTECPET ensures the safety and operational integrity within their work fronts.

During all phases of the project, we incorporate a solid monitoring and control system. Our fundamental support are the standards and best practices, especially from PMI and AACEI. Our monitoring and control phase is developed from the point of view of SSA, physical execution, economic execution (client's budget) and budget (SERTECPET's budget) and execution of construction, productivity and management indicators. Finally, based on the above, we guarantee a successful administrative and contractual closure of around 450 projects during the 30 years of SERTECPET's trajectory.

At SERTECPET we emphasize the importance of industrial safety and operational integrity; therefore, we have made important investments in state-of-the-art equipment for our IPC Projects line as well as in our facilities plant, which have allowed us to increase the productivity levels of different metal-mechanical and construction processes, which has resulted in achieving greater competitiveness in the market and offering greater added value for our clients, as well as safety for our collaborators.

In addition, the permanent availability of a team of development engineers and the strategic location of our facilities plant, allows us to execute projects that require fast response times. We have the capacity to execute projects in diverse areas of the industry including engineering, civil construction, fabrication or shop fabrication, electromechanical assembly, instrumentation, automation and control, and our areas of focus include:

- Construction of civil infrastructure

- Integrated EPC / EPCM type projects

- Construction and repair of process tanksAPI 650 API 653

- Design and construction of flow lines and pipelines

- Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering

- Equipment manufacturing and packaging facilities plant


Our differentiator is the quality and professionalism of our people and our relentless drive to deliver successful and effective results.


Our work over three decades of experience has allowed us to consolidate the SERTECPET brand as a reference and Ecuadorian pride; this has been possible thanks to the constant and permanent work of senior management, our employees, in generating an industry of value, with its own management model, a successful management and our values; ethics, commitment, respect and excellence as the mainstay of our industry that seeks ethical win-win relationships.


Written by

Oswaldo Cortéz

Project and Engineering Manager

MSc, MBA, Certified Welding Inspector, AWS CWI


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Betty Ledesma

Throughout these 32 years, asIndustria Nacional we have served society with qualified products with the highest standards, creating direct and indirect sources of employment in decent working conditions and ensuring job security and human and professional development of its employees, we have promoted the formation and growth of community associations that today provide their services to several companies in the sector.

The successful execution of our projects with excellence and quality, lies in the leading recognition of the communities in the area where we intervene, added to our usual good practices and applying strategies of positive contribution to community economic development, prioritizing the hiring of local labor, as well as related services in each locality of influence; this allows us to have a solid relationship of respect and harmony for the fulfillment of our activities.

For SERTECPET, Social Responsibility is not a slogan, it is a reality... an opportunity for service, a motivation to continue with collective empowerment, sustained collaboration and above all the strengthening of mutual cooperation.


Betty Ledesma

Commercial Coordinator