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Our corporate values Essence of our DNA


Many organizations flaunt their corporate values, but few really know how to live them and transmit them to their teams and clients. In SERTECPET we take as a substantial achievement to embrace the values of our company as part of the essence of the company and its employees.

We work to achieve long-term sustainability, taking into account that society, ethics, the environment and the economy are inseparable parts of the same entity. This means that it is in our DNA to fulfill the purpose and mission that defines us and for which we work every day. This is how, many years ago, we generated what constitute our corporate values, those that we wanted to communicate in our services and processes: COMMITMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT AND INTEGRITY.

1.- Commitment: to supervise and coordinate that there is duty and execution with vision to the client. Maintain order, cleanliness and discipline, under strict STP standards.

Responsibility: to carry out fruitful actions in time and quality. Fulfill functions, tasks and objectives, and evaluate the results and experiences obtained.

Respect: be aware that we are part of a team, of a chain, so it is necessary to act in consideration of those who are part of it and consider the diversity of opinions, as well as the expectations of the client/user.

Integrity: the work is carried out in accordance with established standards, giving priority to personal stability and that of the entire team, in compliance with established procedures and ethics.

From the first semester of 2022, we began a new organizational assessment to strengthen our behaviors based on these same values. In conclusion, we determined that it is necessary to strengthen the following processes:

"Process of management and development of private and public clients, which allows us to prospect and market products and services as integral offers in order to remain close to clients and capture new business opportunities.

"Performance management process based on objectives, results and measurement, which will regulate this action from the selection, retention, promotion and dismissal of the organization's employees.

"Comprehensive asset management process, leading us to maximize the operational useful life of the company's assets.

"In the same way, we are developing planning and control of the manufacturing process of packaged and downhole products, from an industrial perspective.

Thanks to the collaboration of all of us, we have once again revived our corporate values in the organization, confirming that they are still alive and present in all the ways of doing SERTECPET. For this reason, we can feel and affirm with certainty that


Vinicio Troncoso

General Manager SERTECPET Ecuador